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    For more that 25 years we supply our customers with our products made with years of experience in our portfolio until we finally reached the level of perfection we were searching for. Now we can proudly say: Our quality is standardized and your satisfaction is guaranteed with each and every product..

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    We have developed an effective and fast delivery network which brings the products to our customers in a fast and cost effective way..

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    Our products are available across the globe.

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    Our presense is inavoidable at any fair we are presenting our products. E-mail us about the upcoming fairs and expo's so we can arrange a meeting.

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6 Steps 2 A Longer Life

Healty Food

Healthy Diet

Healthy Cooking

Organic Food

Healthy Recepies

Make Exercises

Drink Water

Fun Facts

Do you know what one package of Tursija containts?.It contains enough vitamins and minerals to satisfy the nutritional needs of an average grown adult for one day. All our products include only the most healthy and nutrition rich fruits and vegetables.



Our Crvena Piperka - Fileta product is made with 100% healthy and solid red peppers.We carefully select every single pepper we put in our jars. Peppers have short lifetime. That's why we are extra cautious selecting the peppers. We guarantee our customers the freshness of all of our products. 



Meet the King - Pindzur. Prepared following the old Macedonian recipe used for many centuries in the Balkans. No one can make a perfect Pindzur if all the ingredients are not fresh, and carefully selected. And the most important, we own the recipe of our grandmothers and that's what matters the most.


Private Label Production

Private label production.

We produce, you sale !

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We are Hina Products!

We have specialized in delivery of organic food processed vegetables and fruit.

With more than 25 years of experience we can proudly say that we are a trusted supplier for more than 100 companies.


  • Meredith Grey

    These are one of my favorite winter veggies! I stew them with olive oil, salt, orange juice and ghee. The taste is fantastic and everything is healty. Greets from Norway.

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